Active Booster Power Mix 30ml

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Active Booster is pure energy capable of making the skin “restart” by enhancing all cosmetic treatments, applied to the daily skin routine, accelerating and amplifying the result, thanks to the Power Mix, a mixture of active ingredients conveyed through liposomal structures or three-dimensional honeycombs, in which the active is protected and released gradually to the skin. It ensures protection and long-lasting action, up to 24 hours. Added to daily cosmetic treatment, it speeds up the activity and enhances the results.


Liposomal vitamin C: acts as a booster on the intrinsic antioxidant power of the skin. Thanks to its greater bioavailability, its effectiveness is 1.600 times greater than a skin not treated with this type of active transfer. It  renews the collagen fibers, firming them with a toning action. It contrasts the formation of brown spots for a uniform color.
Sea lettuce extract - Ulva lactuca:
• Double the intrinsic capacity of the skin to defend itself against attacks by free radicals + 50%.
• Blocks the degradation of elastin fibers by 100%, keeping the skin more toned and compact.
• + 64% pro-collagen production for a  more firmed and renewed skin.
Thanks to the three-dimensional honeycomb structure formed by clays, it encloses the active and releases it gradually during the 24 hours.
Glutathione: is a strong antioxidant, one of the most important among those that the organism is able to produce, but its production may not be enough with the passing of the years and with the increase of radicals present in the air. It  helps the body to eliminate heavy metals.
Trace elements linked to bio-enzymes: accelerators of different types of biological reactions made assimilable thanks to the link with the probiotic enzymes (saccharomycetes).
Zinc: important in enzymatic activities, helps  the processes of cicatrization of the wounds, protein synthesis, antioxidant.
Copper: involved in the synthesis of elastin and keratin.
Magnesium: participates in the metabolism of fatty acids and vitamin C.
Iron: helps red blood cells to supply oxygen, supports the immune system, required for energy production and protein formation.
Silicon: structure of the supporting connective tissue, necessary for the construction of the protein matrix.
Enzymatic bioliquefied of tomato peels•: obtained by patented technology C.A.M. No. RM2007A000651, antioxidant anti-pollution.
Fermented myrtle *: antioxidant capacity + 190% with in vivo test.
Fermented mastic: modulates the microbiota by reconstructing the correct skin flora.
Organic jojoba oil *: skin restructuring.

Suggestions for use

Add 3-5 drops of Active Booster to the treatment cosmetic, cream or serum. For an even more intensive treatment, you can directly apply the booster to the face like a serum.