Anti-Aging Cream 24h



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Do you want to effectively combat all the visible signs of aging on your face, deeply nourishing and hydrating your skin day and night?

Use daily Anti-Aging Cream 24h Puravida Bio!

Particularly rich in shea butter, jojoba and coconut oils, the Puravida Bio Anti-Aging Cream 24h ensures completecomfort even for the driest skins. The presence of irisextract and royal jelly means that the skins is kept correctlyhydrated, while date extract stimulates the production ofnew collagen, the protein responsible for keeping the skinwell toned, and protects the skin from UV rays together withripe tomato lycopene extract.
Coffee and wheat lysates, whose antioxidant propertieshave been tested by the National Research Board (CNR)in Pisa, provide efficient protection from free radicals,making this product ideal for applying every night.
For normal skin types, Puravida Bio Anti-Wrinkle Cream isrecommended for day time use while Puravida BioAnti-Aging Cream 24h is perfect for the night hours.For particularly dry skins, Puravida Bio 24h Anti-Aging Cream 24h is recommended for both day and night time use.


wheat lysate°, coffee lysate°, date extract*, shea butter*, tomato extract°, iris extract*, unfiltered Italian extra-virgin olive oil°, jojoba oil*, royal jelly°, coconut oil, natural vitamin E, beeswax.