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Do you want to effectively combat all the visible signs of aging on your face, deeply nourishing and hydrating your skin?

Use daily Anti-Wrinkle 24h Puravida Bio!

Puravida Bio Anti-Aging Cream acts safely and fullyon various levels to prevent wrinkles and lines, thanks totomato lycopene extract which limits the damaging effectsof UV rays on the skin. To guarantee effective protection fromphoto ageing, this product uses a synergy of antioxidants,including wheat and coffee lysates – the antiradicalproperties of these ingredients have been tested by Italy’sNational Research Board (CNR) in Pisa – together withstabilised Vitamin C and green tea extract.

The meristematic cells (plant stem cells) have the powerto renew the skin, stimulating the base layer to producenew cells; royal jelly, natural vitamin E, jojoba oiland extra virgin olive oil enrich the formula, makingit ideal to care for mature skin.

For normal skin, Puravida Bio Anti-Aging Cream is recommended for day time use while Puravida Bio 24hAnti-Aging Cream is perfect for the night time.

For combination or oily skin types PuravidaMatte Effect Anti-Aging Lotion, which is also an excellent basefor makeup, should be applied in the morning, while PuravidaAnti-Aging Cream is recommended in the evening.


wheat lysate°, coffee lysate°, red grape meristematic cells* (the correct name for plant stem cells), tomato extract°, green tea extract*, vitamin C, unfiltered Italian extra virgin olive oil°, jojoba oil*, royal jelly°, coconut oil, natural vitamin E, beeswax.