Antipollution Face Mask



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A real elixir for the skin. Deeply moisturizing and antioxidant due to the lycopene from tomato combined with extracts of goji berries and red grapes that protect the skin from pollution and free radicals which cause photo-aging.

The bilberry extract moisturizes and protects even the most sensitive skin or presence of rosacea. The red clay purifies the skin, adsorbing the impurities also in the presence of acne manifestations.


  • Biotechnological hyaluronic acid obtained from sugars: thanks to its ability to bind water prevents excessive evaporation through the pores, even in very dry environments.
  • Blueberry Nectar°: rich of antioxidant bioflavonoids and protective of cell and blood vessel membranes.
  • Organic liquiefied enzyme of tomato skins°: rich of lycopene, antioxidants and antipollution.
  • Extract of goji berries*: antioxidants and moisturizing.
  • Red Grape Extract*: antioxidant.
  • Red clay: adsorbs skin impurities.
  • Blend of xanthan natural gums and ceratonia siliqua: help to hold skin air moisture even when in low concentrations.

Suggestions for use

Spread preferably in the evening a light layer on face and neck, avoiding eye contact. Let it be absorbed. It ‘s normal to feel the skin slightly tensioned.