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Thanks to its high tolerability, it is a specific rinse cleanser for daily infants and children cleaning. It is also indicated for dry and irritated skin; gently cleans without altering the careful lipid balance that is formed during the first months of life, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. It can also be used to cleanse hands after playing or changing the diaper. The entire line is formulated by a hypoallergenic natural fragrance with sweet and orange almond notes, the talcum heart, iris and cotton flower and the white musk, vanilla and sandalwood base.


  • Banana hydrolat*: rich in vitamin A and potassium, essential for elasticity and skin care.
  • Iris hydrolat: It improves the maintenance of hydrolipidic balance by regulating sebum production and keeps the right level of hydration.
  • Whole spelled flour enzymatic bioliquefied°: It repairs the skin from the baby redness cases. Made without the use of organic solvents or oil, formulated through ellipsizing mode with natural enzymes only. This process produces active agents with low molecular weight, most bioavailable and rapidly effective.
  • Basmati rice milk°: rich in gamma-oryzanol, moisturizing, emollient, soothing
  • Sweet almond oil*: soothing, emollient, nourishing and elasticizing thanks to the presence of fat acids and its sebum-like composition which is similar to the lipids that the skin produces normally, so it is assimilated very well and leaves the skin soft and hydtrated.
  • Calendula extract*: soothing.
  • Aloe vera*: decongestant and soothing
  • Delicate detergents of plant origin: respect the skin without altering the physiological pH.

Suggestions for use

Massage on the baby damp skin. Rinse abundantly.