Baby Oil



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Moisturizing and emollient oil, especially indicated in the presence of dryness or irritated skin. It can be rubbed on the skin in case of cradle cup. Suitable for childhood massage. Applied in the evening, on the feet with a light massage, helps to sleep with sensitive scented notes. Recommended for moms, before and after childbirth, due to its elasticizing action. Rich in organic vegetable oils.


  • Shea butter*: skin protection, rich in vitamin E.
  • Sweet almond oil*: soothing, emollient, nourishing and elasticizing thanks to the presence of fat acids and its sebum-like composition which is similar to the lipids that the skin produces normally, so it is assimilated very well.
  • Unsaponifiable of olive: it is the non-saponificable fraction extracted from olive oil. Thanks to its affinity with skin sebum, it has strong emollient and sebum-restorative properties. It also performs an important action at the level of skin trophism by stimulating the repair of dermis and epidermis.
  • Coconut oil: contains vitamins and fat acids that regenerates the skin. It has emollient, moisturizing and nourishing properties thanks to the high content of lauric acid. It is ideal for delicate skin care.
  • Apricot oil: it is obtained by cold squeezing of kernels, rich in oleic acid, vitamins A and E., keeping the skin supple.
  • Italian unfiltered extra virgin oil*: rich in polyphenols, vitamin E and carotenoids, they carry out an anti-aging natural skin action, helping to counter free radicals, inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • Natural vitamin E: antioxidant tocoferol mixture.

Suggestions for use

Dispense on the hand or directly on the clean and dry baby’s skin. Massage gently.