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Soft non-occlusive cream, which creates a barrier between baby skin and diaper. Protects from excessive acidity due to redness and irritations. It is rich in oils and vegetable extracts, soothing and spelt enzymatic bioliquefied. The entire line is formulated by a hypoallergenic natural fragrance with sweet and orange almond head notes, the talcum heart, iris and cotton flower and the white musk, vanilla and sandalwood base.


  • Whole spelled flour enzymatic bioliquefied°: It repairs the skin from the baby redness cases. Made without the use of organic solvents or oil, formulated through ellipsizing mode with natural enzymes only. This process produces active agents with low molecular weight, most bioavailable and rapidly effective.
  • Unsaponifiable of olive: it is the non-saponificable fraction extracted from olive oil. Thanks to its affinity with skin sebum, it has strong emollient and sebum-restorative properties. It also performs an important action at the level of skin trophism by stimulating the repair of dermis and epidermis.
  • Calendula extract*: the flower is rich in carotenoids and flavonoids that stimulate the epidermal tissue granulation in case of small wounds, sores or burns and normalize tissue microcirculation by giving emollient, soothing, re-epitizing and filmogenic activity that isolates the rashed skin and reduces humidity degrees in case of diaper dermatitis.
  • Sweet almond oil*: soothing, emollient, nourishing and elasticizing, thanks to the presence of fat acids and its sebum-like composition which is similar to the lipids that the skin produces normally, so it is assimilated very well;
  • Shea butter*: Protective skin rich in Vitamin E
  • Cocoa butter*: rich in stearic acids, palmitic and oleic acids, has excellent emollient and moisturizing properties.
  • Basmati rice milk°: moisturizing, emollient, soothing.
  • Blackcurrant extract*: soothing and decongestant. Improves the immune response to inflammatory stimuli.
  • Sunflower oil*: scarring and skin reepitalising.
  • Natural vitamin E: antioxidant tocoferol mixture.

Suggestions for use

Apply on affected areas, cleaned and dried, especially between skin folds. For babies, it is recommended to use it every diaper change.