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Do you want to gently and deeply clean your face skin, removing make-up and other impurities caused by external pollutants?

Use daily Cleansing Milk Puravida Bio!

Puravida Bio Cleansing Milk has the dual job of nourishing and deeply cleansing the skin from both dead skin cells as well as heavily polluted external agents such as city smog which block the pores: these prevent the active ingredients in the cosmetics from acting and absorbing.

The base of any skin care product must first and foremost be a good cleanser. The Puravida Bio Cleansing Milk should be applied with a 2/3 minute light massage. This product is also an excellent makeup remover while ensuring that the skin is efficiently hydrated and properly prepared. After daily use, any excess cleansing milk can simply be washed off with warm water, followed by Puravida Bio Active Tonic and a Puravida Bio Face Cream of your choice.


oat lysate*, rice lysate°, sweet clover extract*, unfiltered Italian extra-virgin olive oil°, aloe vera extract*, shea butter*, sweet almond oil*, natural vitamin E .