Hand Cream



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Protects and moisturizes the skin of hands, leaving them soft and smooth.
Rich of soothing extracts and moisturizing butters.
Defends hands from cracking caused by cold climates.


  • Shea butter*: nourishing.
  • Aloe juice*: soothing.
  • Oats lysed fermented*: soothing.
  • Oats Extract*: decongestant, moisturizing.
  • Chestnut extract*: moisturizing.
  • Enzymatic organic liquefied by tomato skins°:
  • rich of antioxidant lycopene.
  • Spelled bioliquefied•: antioxidant, anti-aging.
  • Cocoa butter: protective, nourishing.
  • Panthenol: decongestant.
  • Natural Vitamin E: antioxidant.

Suggestions for use

Apply several times a day.